Corporate Voice Coach

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Voice for Leadership, Sales and Management

These informal, interactive speech coaching workshops are perfect for your employees to learn how to engage an audience, be confident and use their voice effectively, which will help them feel more positive during presentations or public speaking to large (or small!) groups of people. I will deliver the sessions at your workplace or corporate event, giving you and your staff an introduction to a whole range of interesting vocal techniques and skills they can use to improve their potential and succeed, where others may fail. Existing clients find my public speaking and vocal coaching invaluable to their growth and development. 

Speech Coaching for Leadership, Sales and Management

Using your voice effectively as a business leader or sales manager is crucial to promoting your business positively and creating new leads. This speech coaching workshop will teach you how to influence people and persuade them to choose your services by using your voice effectively and with conviction. No matter how relaxed or informal the situation is, people almost always feel stressed. It’s how you deal with that stress that defines your success. 

Vocal coaching topics include: 

  • Learning how to use your voice with authority 
  • Being clear and confident 
  • How to be influential and persuasive 
  • Developing better vocal techniques 
  • Using new areas of your voice effectively for added impact 

Effective Communication in Business with Vocal Coaching

Do you want to develop your communication skills in your working environment? Maybe you struggle to be understood at work or feel your voice lets you down? Communication is essential in developing relationships, both personal and professional, and poor communication can be a real obstacle to a successful career. Our vocal coaching sessions and voice training will help you and your employees understand the basics of communication including breathing, posture, physiology of the voice, resonance and articulation. 

Speech coaching topics include: 

  • Speaking with confidence and authority 
  • Choosing the right words to make your point 
  • Explaining the physiology of the voice and the effects of stress 
  • How to feel comfortable and in control when speaking 
  • Being relaxed and enjoying the experience 

Charismatic Speaking Voice Coaching

Would you like to elevate your speaking skills to the next level? Speaking with real passion and enthusiasm is key to making your speech memorable and therefore raising your profile in business. This vocal coaching workshop is designed for business professionals who wish to gain those extra skills needed to progress your career to the next level. 

Speech coaching topics include: 

  • How to breathe correctly for relaxation and projection 
  • Engaging and amusing your audience 
  • Useful vocal techniques, including the use of pitch, pause and modulation 
  • Body language and expression 
  • Using your voice with clarity, colour and variety 


All the above vocal coaching workshops can be customised for your particular business requirements, and are available as 1 hour lunchtime talks, 3 hour interactive sessions and full day interactive sessions. Please contact me using the details below to discuss your needs. 

My prices exclude additional costs, such as travel/accommodation etc. Travel costs up to a 10 mile radius of my home address are included. 

You can also book me to come in for regular monthly, one hour or half-day top-up voice coaching sessions, so that your staff can pop by for an informal chat and ask me any questions they may have which may have arisen following the initial talk. After all, continual improvement is essential to growth and we all think of things we should have asked after the speaker has left! They can come and discuss any thoughts or concerns they have or talk to me about any upcoming vocal coaching events they may need my assistance with, for instance an interview or presentation they need help developing.